3D printing technology is likely to bring about positive implications for many industries. It will be able to offer a model which could be adaptable for the designing as well as producing products. The printing technologies are estimated to be around five billion dollars in the next four years. The technology is likely to conge the face of retail business by bringing forward a stunning solution to the challenges posted by inventory management.

As the buttons for digital innovation are being pressed, all industry sectors, particularly the manufacturing one is going to be revolutionized with a transformative change. It is almost on the verge of a third kind of industrial revolution. 3D printing technology is growing gradually since the past few decades but not until quite recently, some real practical uses have come to the fore in the shape of masterpieces by Turner or Monet being replicated and braces being made for children’s teeth. 3D Systems and the printing machines create plastic layers, metal and also some other material to create all types of products with moveable parts.

The manufacturers in the United States of America are grabbing the opportunity they have seen in 3D printing by observing the rise in the cost of labor in all the developing countries. 3D printing will chuck the traditional methods out of the window. The process of 3D printing is also referred to as additive layer production. It differs from the conventional strategies of subtractive manufacturing. 3D printing puts together solid products on a layer wise basis instead of cutting materials away from its large blocks. This is done based on three-dimensional computer models. Traditionally, plastic or metal can be used as a raw material. It is channeled at one source before it is heated inside a 3D printer. It is then extruded, layer by layer, until the physical product is completed at the finishing end.

Since the past few years, the price of 3D printers has been dropping gradually. Models are now available for just a couple of thousands of dollars. A time will come when 3D printers may become essential for the printing out of replacement parts or completed products too that are designed for home use.